Elected as Alumni Affairs Secretary!!!

I elected as Alumni Affairs Secretary of krishna hostel.

I thank all my hostel friends for encouraging me to contest in the elections.

Some Information about Alumni Affairs Secretary:

The elected post of Alumni Affairs Secretary was introduced in the hostel council three years ago (2002) with the goal of improving alumni-student interaction.

For the past three years, the duties of an Alumni Affairs Secretary were limited to publishing a year book CD containing profiles of graduating students of his/her hostel, updating and maintaining the hostel websites, organizing the farewell night and inviting the alumni for hostel nights. For improving interaction with the alumni, the Alumni Affairs Secretaries need to do much more. To mark a beginning of greater student-alumni interaction, ADIEU-05, a farewell ceremony for graduating students, was jointly organized by the Alumni Association and the various hostel Alumni Secretaries. This event consisted of a panel discussion attended by alumni and students, followed by a grand dinner in the Open Air Theatre.

To plan the activities for this academic year, a meeting of all the Hostel Alumni Affairs Secretaries was held on September 2, 2005. This meeting was presided over by Prof. Kalyanaraman (Dean IC&SR), Prof. K N Satyanarayana (Advisor), Ms. Alamelu (IITMAA Joint Secretary) and Prasad Dudhgaonkar (Students General Secretary). In the meeting, a proposal to conduct Alumni Nights at the hostel level during the even semester came up. Some hostels are already actively pursuing this proposal. Another idea put forward was that of Hostel Alumni Affairs Secretaries acting as IITM ambassadors and accompanying the Alumnus during his/her visit to the institute.

Mentoring sessions by alumni for final year students was another idea that came up during the meeting. The mentoring sessions, which are currently restricted to the availability of alumni in Chennai, can be through panel discussions, career orientation workshops or extra mural lectures. In addition, an interactive online forum for alumni-student interaction is being planned. Doubts and questions from the students will be collected and posted here, to which the alumni can reply. This proposal needs the consent of the alumni. We hope it will be up and running soon.

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2 Responses to Elected as Alumni Affairs Secretary!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    cool dude

  2. Prasad Dudhgaonkar says:

    Mani, wish you all the success!

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