Blog Title

Today i am thinking about blog names , how people will name their blogs?
and i have done googling and found some intersting links .
according Elliott Back

the follwing are the top ten words in a blog name

  1. blog – 9.986%
  2. life – 2.619%
  3. weblog – 1.841%
  4. world – 1.296%
  5. from – 1.226%
  6. journal – 1.139%
  7. news – 1.087%
  8. thoughts – 1.039%
  9. with – 0.670%
  10. daily – 0.660%

my privious blog name “thoughts” got 8th rank in the list.
Today i thought of changing my blog name and i named it as “Lazyyyy Lifeeeeee”
It also contains popular word. At present the tiltle aptly suites for me.

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