Some Definitions in Telecom Network Management

Customer – an entity to which the service provider provides network services.

EMS (Element Management System) – typically provided by a network element supplier and capable of managing multiple network elements of that supplier. An EMS may communicate with one or more NE(s) on an individual or collective basis (e.g., individually to a switch or collectively to SDH ring). An EMS may have some network management layer capabilities, particularly, when an EMS manages multiple types of NE(s) and/or NE(s) from multiple suppliers.

MIB (Management Information Base) – a set of data elements and capabilities made available by a system to enable it to be managed. The CMIP protocol relies upon a formal definition of a system’s MIB written in a language called “GDMO.”

NE – a Network Element (i.e. NE)

Network – one or more subnetworks connected by network links, providing end-to-end service to one or more customers. Each subnetwork is administered by an EMS and the network is administered by a service provider.

NMS (Network Management System) – responsible for end-to-end management of a network composed of network elements from multiple suppliers. Instead of directly managing network elements, it relies upon the capabilities of the EMS(s). An NMS may interface with one or more Service Management Systems and may include some service management functionality. An NMS may also include some element management layer capabilities that allow it to manage individual NE(s) or it may contain only network management layer functionality to manage one or more EMS(s).

Port – an access point on an NE to which a link or a customer access link is attached.

QoS (Quality of Service) – parameters describing the attributes of a connection such as bandwidth, burstiness of the information on the connection, and priority.

Subnetwork – a collection of one or more NE(s), interconnected by subnetwork links, with connectivity between any pair of NE(s) (i.e., the topology is a connected graph).

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