Couple of days back, i am on my daily evening walk. After walking till Canara bank, i decided to return to office . On my way back to lab, near to IIT Hospital suddenly my head started around me started spinning…I lost control on my body….my heart beat got increased….my body became cold..i felt like i am going to vomit…for couple seconds i lost control on my body….i tried to reach near by tree but i failed…i looked for help, but couldn’t find any person near by. Every thing happened in few seconds. Slowly i reached a rock and sat on it for some time.

After few minutes i understood that something is happening in my body and slowly i went back to lab. Thanks to Binu (my colleague) for drooping me in my room as i was felling nausea. Next day morning also i observed same symptoms. Immediately i went to Malar Hospital. Thanks to Vijayarangam (my another colleague) for taking me to hospital . After doing some simple tests , doctor confirmed that, I was suffering from Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo :-(. It is a disorder caused by problems in the inner ear. Fortunately , It is not a major problem. Normally, it will go away in 2-3 weeks. Doctor asked me to take medicine for 15 days. I need to be careful for next few weeks. So that is the story.

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