M.S (by Research) at CSE , IIT Madras

I am getting lot of mails requesting, information about M.S course at CS, IIT Madras. So, I am putting my thoughts in Q&A format.

The opinions expressed here are my own. Below Information is just for guidance. Use your own diligence to take any decisions.

“What is the difference between M.S and M.Tech”

Difference between M.Tech and M.S in India

“What are the cut-off marks for M.S selection call?”

M.S admission happens yearly twice (January and July). In July semester competition will be more compared to Jan semester. Normally cut-off for B.E/B.Tech score >75 – 80% and GATE score > 95%. These cut-offs can change based on number of people applied. If you miss in July, don’t forget to apply during Jan.

“What is the selection process? written test and Interview?”

There will be written test and/or Interview. Written test consists questions from GATE syllabus. Test mainly concentrates on CS basics. If you qualify written test, you need to attend interview on same day. During Interview, Profs will ask for your area of interests and ask questions from those areas. They may ask from two to three areas.

What are the different admission categories?

Admission can be offered in Regular, Project or External.

Regular: In this category student will get 8000/- per month stipend. Need to do T.A (Teaching assistantship) (or) Library (or) department related duty.

Project: See next question

External( Sponsored): This is for working professionals. Some organizations can sponsor their employees to study at IITM. In this category, students need to complete course work at IITM and research work at their work place.

I have gone through M.S. (R) selection process and offered admission there.
They have offered me admission in Project Category. I do not have much idea about the Project Category. So, please help me regarding this. I wanted to know that how it is different from regular one.”

It is not much different from Regular. In regular type you need to do T.A duty to get stipend. In project type , you need to do project work to get salary. In project type you’ll get little more stipend than regular. In both regular and project type , you need to do some research on your area of interest and need to submit the thesis. In project type, normally your research topic and project are related. Sometimes they can be different. I have seen many students converting
from regular to project, based on guide’s advice.

“is it equivalent to regular or different? Will I be getting my area of interest project (mean can I provide my preference) or they will be assigning me.

You need to choose your guide and your guide will assign the project to you.

“Is the duration for both project and regular is same or different?”

Normally project category will take little more time than regular. Duration is also depends on your guide , area of research and on student. MS does not have fixed time duration. On average it will take 3 years to complete. I have seen students completing in 2 years (actually one person) to 4 years.

” Also, if I want to switch from project to regular is it possible.”

It is very difficult to switch from project to regular.

” Still I want to know that during admission time can I ask for switching from project to regular.”

As far as i know, it is not possible during admission time.

” If I have to request for this then to whom I should talk to.”


” I heard from some how that project work takes more time than T.A?

Yes, It will take more time. If your research topic and project are related then you will be spending total time on your research.

“Can you please how guide affects over all.”

Normally in any research based course, guide assigns research area to students. And he also helps to identify the problem, to solve the problem and writing papers,thesis, etc.. Some of the professors may not be doing any active research or they are busy. So it may take more time, if you join under such professors. So careful while choosing your guide.

“According to you under whom (faculty) one should opt. for do research”

I suggest you to contact the current students about the faculty in your area interest.

“About the duration of course, in what criteria person get its degree completed.”

One need to complete 5 courses , and need to do research in some area and submit the thesis. If your guide and Department committee approves it , you’ll get your degree.

” I also read on the IITM site that it on an average it take 3yr. So, is not it is better to do M.Tech. & then go from research (Ph.D.) after that.”

I strongly suggest you to read below article written by one my friend to know difference between M.S and M.Tech.

Difference between M.Tech and M.S in India

” I read on site also that after 4th semester one can directly enroll for Ph.D. So, this criterion applied to both regular & project one.”

yes. You can upgrade to Ph.d , if you perform exceptionally well.

“Wait! What about placements?”

Not a problem. I have seen M.S students getting equal or better offers than M.Tech students. Or you can always go for Ph.d.

Some useful links
http://www.iitm.ac.in/downloads/MS PhD Ordinances.pdf

If you have any other question, drop a comment.

Good Luck,

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2 Responses to M.S (by Research) at CSE , IIT Madras

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have scored 6.9 CGPA in my B.TECHIs it possible to apply M.Tech or Ms in IIT .If if I would have scored 95% in GATE.

  2. Mani (మణి) says:

    Hi, You can try for M.S, But for M.Tech you need GATE score more than 99%. As your CGPA is low (they expect >7.5-8.0 CGPA), you may or may not get M.S interview call. If you get a call for interview, you need to perform well in interview/written test to get M.S admission.

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