How to Interview?

Today my company asked me to interview final year students of Anna university. Though i took interview for few candidates earlier, this time i need to interview nearly 20 candidates. I thought of preparing for interview ( yes, interviewers also need to prepare ;-)). But due to lack of time, i couldn’t prepare. But i read few articles about “How to Interview programmers”. Best article that i found was Joel Spolsky’s Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing. I liked the article and i agree with his opinions like “Interviewing is more of an art than a science” and having individual style of interviewing. I was fortunate to have Binu (my senior colleague) with me in the interview panel. I liked Binu’s style of interviewing. I liked the way in which he gets into conversation with the candidate and make him feel comfortable, rather than having only Q&A type interviewing. Overall its a good experience for me. I learned some interviewing skills and interview questions ;-).

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