I love playing cricket!

Like most of us i love cricket. My father is great fan of cricket. Still i have memories of my childhood, where my father used to watch England world cup matches. Those matches used to come around early morning . I used to watch along with my father. My father used to bring grapes or some eatables to keep me awake. We used to have big ground beside my house. Every day some one will be playing cricket. Most of them used keep bat ,balls and wickets in my house. Like wise i grew up. I never played any other game (except for little bit of volley ball). I was good at batting, bowling and keeping. Though i never became master of any of those. Till my engineering i used to play some sort cricket almost daily. Slowly, as years passed on i almost stopped playing cricket. I played very little during BTech days. Currently, in my company every Saturday we play cricket. Normally i am very calm guy basically introvert). But when it comes to playing cricket i’ll get extra energy. I’ll shout, encourage players and forget about my surroundings. I love playing cricket!

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