My Gurus

Today I want to write about my gurus and persons who have made positive impact in my life.

Dr. K. Rammohan Reddy: He was my junior college principal. He was also my chemistry lecturer. He was great motivator of young students. His teaching style was very innovative. He is the most energetic teacher i have seen in my life so far. I still remember my last meeting with Dr. Reddy, where he asked about my future plans and wished me best of luck.

Thimma Reddy: He was my lecturer at GATE coaching center. He is also great motivator of young students. He inspired me to get in to IIT.

Dr.Timothy Gonsalves : Tag Sir was my research guide for M.S thesis at IITM. He is a great teacher and i like his teaching style. Though my interaction with him was very limited, i was inspired by his simple and disciplined life style.

Dr .Usha Rani: Usha madam was my co-guide for M.S thesis at IITM. She helped me to choose my research problem. She was always there to support and encourage my research work. I still remember her motherly love and care towards me.

Dr. Mani Subramanian: I am great admirer of Prof Mani. His discipline ,energy and dedication towards work is incredible. At this age also Dr.Mani comes to office by morning 9.00AM and stays up to evening 9.00PM. He always calls himself as a workaholic. If i ever want to become like someone, that would be Dr.Mani. I always tell my friends that I am already half Dr.Mani Subramanian because we both share same name :-). I was fortunate to work under his leadership.

Ravinder: He is my teacher, good friend and colleague. He used to give lot of suggestions during his stay at IITM.

Binu Raghavan: He is my friend and colleague. I admire his thinking. I wish i could have some percent of his thinking power. After interacting with him, my knowledge on different subjects and english communication skills are improved.

I was blessed to have these gurus to mold and inspire me to who I am today.

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3 Responses to My Gurus

  1. srinivas says:

    hi i am srinivas,staying in Hyderabad.i wanted to join gate course(i know he is handling few subjects of cse) in algorithmica headed by thimma reddy sir.

    i want to know, is it a good decision to join in algorithmica?
    pls help me by giving a good faculty names for gate subjects.

    or any sort of information regarding gate acquisition and to prove best to myself.

  2. omkreddy says:

    Hi Srinivas,

    I don’t know much about algorithmica institution. I heard it is a training institute to crack IT interviews. For GATE, it is better to join training institute like ACE, VANI ..


  3. sdsfdsfds says:

    Timma reddy of algorithamica is good lecturer for Gate i know him he is temple of Knowledge

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