Never ending questions

At each and every stage our life, we have to face some questions again and again. Some times these questions makes you so uncomfortable to answer.

Some common situations/questions are:

You just completed your +2, you wrote all possible entrance exams and you don’t know the difference between different engineering streams and people started asking you ….

What is your engineering entrance exam rank/Which college?/Which branch?

After completing four years of so called engineering education, then comes the dollar dreams question..

Are you going abroad or going for job?

If you have done MS at IITM, then you must have faced the following question million times :-).

When are you going to complete MS?

OK, Some how you finished your MS/PG and you have joined in some job. Then the number question is..

How much salary you are earning?

And now you are in late twenties, and the one and only question is

When are you getting married?

I think there is no ending to these questions.  You need to answer these questions with fake smile on your face.

I am sure most of you faced similar/same situations. Share your famous question?

PS:  Once i was traveling by train.  One fellow passenger started conversing  with me. Within next  ten minutes he gathered complete information like  name, age caste, married/unmarried, working/not working, company name, salary, family etc…  what not?.   For me, to get the same information from a total stranger will take minimum one year :-).

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1 Response to Never ending questions

  1. Bhanu says:

    Good questions .. May be if someone from AP is talking to you then, latest question would be from which region you belong? 🙂

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