Technology Day, May 11,2010

Yesterday I was in Delhi (along with my colleagues) to attend Technology Day 2010 celebrations held at Hotel Ashoka. One of my company’s product “Provisioning System for SDH Networks” funded by Technology Development Board (TDB) was launched officially by Prof. Abdul  Kalam. I really happy to say that my  M.S research work done at IITM, chennai was also part of this product/project. More about this work is avaliable at this link. I feel its  just beginning of this product and still long way to go for the product to mature.

I really liked the Guest lecture of Mr. Arun Maira Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India.  He explained the importance/need of having more entrepreneurs and the qualities of a Leader.

Finally some remarks about the Technology Day function. Many people does not know about this day (me also). Very little or zero publicity given about the function.  I did not find a single web-page on the Internet about this function, not even on the TDB website!. All the exhibit stalls opened at the venue are empty for  most of the session. Not even a single visitor visited the stalls. I hope some of these issues will be corrected next year.

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