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Distributed Java Application Development – Part 6

In this article we will explore some more capabilities which are required to build Application-Level Server-cluster-aware applications.   While developing standalone java applications we use various java built-in data structures like Map,Queue,List,Set etc. and built-in concurrency constructs like Synchronized, Lock, … Continue reading

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Airtel 3G datacard on Ubuntu 11.04/11.10

This procedure is for a Huawei E1731 USB modem that I got from Airtel. 1. Install wvdial   sudo apt-get install -yq usb-modeswitch usb-modeswitch-data   wvdial 2. Configure modem (Make sure you replace the<phone number> placeholder with your actual phone number. … Continue reading

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Network Management Systems (NMS) Links

General SNMP Books

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Random pics from my lazy life-3

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Elected as Alumni Affairs Secretary!!!

I elected as Alumni Affairs Secretary of krishna hostel. I thank all my hostel friends for encouraging me to contest in the elections. Some Information about Alumni Affairs Secretary: The elected post of Alumni Affairs Secretary was introduced in the … Continue reading

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allergic reaction to a medication!

A true allergic reaction to medication occurs when the immune system is activated in response to a drug. The medication can be taken by mouth, injected into the body or rubbed on the skin. The symptoms from an allergic reaction … Continue reading

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Health CheckUp

Yesterday i went to hospital as i was feeling sick. Dr. gave some medicines. Unfortunately those medicines gave reaction on my body. last night i could’t sleep as my whole body got rashes and started burning and itching. last night … Continue reading

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GTC meeting!!

General Test committee(GTC) for me scheduled on 13th MARCH 2006. I need to prepare slides for that meeting and also prepare for that meeting.This is my first Annunal Review after coming to IIT. Still I have not started any research.

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